Get Equipped

CTA seeks to provide teaching, training, and exhortation for Christians who feel called to the arts, helping them to stand strong spiritually, morally, and personally.

The arts is a very immoral battleground, and artistic Christians are in danger of being a little too loose with their convictions when surrounded by the secular arts community. At the same time, how does a Christian stand strong in his or her convictions while being light and salt to their fellow artists and artisans?

Connecting the Arts will provide equipping classes and videos, and eventually seminars, specifically designed to keep artistic Christians grounded and rooted firmly to the Word of God and the truth of Jesus Christ. It is vital that we know what we believe and why we believe it, and CTA will be a tremendous resource not only on the fundamentals of Christianity, but on how to balance having strong convictions with strong compassion for a secular creative world that has no comprehension of sin, salvation, morality, or even the existence of God.


This is a new and long-term project that is currently being developed by You Connection. Check back soon for more info, and visit You Connection at